Love Runs Deep

My sister’s final goal before 40: run a marathon. So my brothers and I signed up, too. After months of training and planning—triumphs and setbacks shared almost daily to our family text thread—we stood atop a frigid Utah peak at dawn, sloughed off gloves and blankets, hugged good luck, and ran. As Kelly crossed the finish line some hours later, sweaty but smiling, loved ones cheering her name, I thought about our mom, beaming from wherever she is now, proud and in awe of these lives she helped create. 40 years, 26.2 miles, love beyond measure. Happy birthday, Kel.

My siblings and I at the finish line of the Big Cottonwood Marathon in Utah on September 10, 2022.

Reconciling on the Rails

Chicago to Salt Lake. I’d planned to fly before she invited me on the train. 32 hours, 23 stops, 1,300 miles, aunt and nephew sharing a six by three-and-a-half-foot roomette, sleeping on seats folded into bunks. We hadn’t talked, really talked, in years. Our politics differed, an impasse reached. As we rode over the Mississippi, through the Plains, into the Rockies, we pointed out clouds, deer, mooning kayakers. Just beyond Kremmling I showed her how to apply a charcoal face mask, she poured us wine. We laughed, shared, healed. An American president divided us, America brought us back together.

Aunt Vicki and I in the dining car aboard the California Zephyr.